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  • Carmilla

    Directed by Spencer Maybee and Mars Horodyski


    Keywords:  Gender identity (one of the characters is non-binary), Sexual orientation, romantic relationships, friendships, relationship difficulties, vampires, monsters, etc.  

    For: everyone


    Small town…

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  • Carol

    Directed by Todd Haynes


    Keywords: romantic relationships, sexual orientation

    For: adults and teens

    Trigger warnings: nudity, explicit sexuality, psychological abuse, homophobia, institutional abuse


    An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older…

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  • Ciel

    by Sophie Labelle


    Language: French

    Keywords: trans identidy, gender expression, coming of age, adolescence

    For: teenagers

    Description: It’s the first day of high school for Ciel, a young transgender teenager. But this step…

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  • Cindy Lauper – True colors


    English language

    Keywords: LGBT+, gender expression, identity, love

    Youtube link :

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  • Colbie Caillat – Try


    English language

    Keywords: Beauty, self-esteem, hope, social pressure, appearance.

    Youtube link :

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  • Desert Hearts

    Directed by Donna Deitch, based on the novel Desert of the Heart (1964) written by Jane Rule


    Keywords: Sexual orientation, romantic relations, sexual emancipation, divorce, representation of queer…

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  • Dickinson

    Created by Alena Smith


    Keywords: Sexual orientation, romantic relationships, poetry, women’s rights

    For: Adults

    Trigger warnings: explicit sexuality, death, sexism


    Dickinson takes place “during Emily Dickinson’s era with a modern sensibility and tone….

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  • Disclosure

    Directed by Sam Feder, Edited by  Stacy Goldate


    Keywords: trans diversity, the evolution of trans representation in American media

    For: adults and teens

    Trigger warnings: clip that can be shocking…

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