Desert Hearts

Directed by Donna Deitch, based on the novel Desert of the Heart (1964) written by Jane Rule


Keywords: Sexual orientation, romantic relations, sexual emancipation, divorce, representation of queer people in rural areas

For: adults and teen

Trigger warnings: nudity and homophobia

Description: While waiting for her divorce papers, a repressed professor of literature is unexpectedly seduced by a carefree, spirited young lesbian.


Review :

Desert Hearts is one of the rare queer movies that’s not a drama. We are projected into the daily lives of realistic characters that are faced with issues, without these issues being negative or violent. The characters are healthy and the allies are remarkable. One of the most positive things I have to say about the movie is without a doubt about the place that is given to allies. It is rare in a queer movie that allies have a supporting role rather than a leading role. In this movie, it is the case! This movie was released more than 35 years ago but it is still one of the most modern movies when it comes to its representations of women who love women.