What's in the Starter Kit?

To help you create an Gender, identity and sexuality alliance (GISA) in your school, Interligne will send you a starter kit containing three documents :

  • Gender, Identity and Sexuality Alliances (GISA) Guide
    This guidebook will help you understand the purpose and functioning of an alliance and guide you in the creation of your GISA in 8 steps. It also answers questions you may have about gender and sexual diversity and offers valuable tips for adults and mentors at your school!

  • Activity Booklet
    This document contains a number of activities classified by purpose. You'll find ice-breaking activities, examples of fundraisers, advice for the creation of awareness events, etc. If you want to create your own activities and even share them with the members of GISAs in other schools, use our template! Once you have finished developing your activities, you can publish them in the forums if you want.

  • Workshop Catalogue
    In this catalog, you will find several 1 hour sessions on a variety of topics such as project management, leadership, facilitation techniques, teamwork and communication. These courses are offered by Interline in your school or as webinars.

    To obtain these documents by email, simply fill in the following fields:

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