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  • (A)sexual


    Keywords: asexuality, sexual orientation, sexuality, discovery, spectrum of asexuality

    Target audience: any age

    Description: This is a documentary about the founder of the website in his daily life as…

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  • 4th Man Out

    Directed by Aaron Dancik


    Keywords: Sexual orientation, coming out, dating, romantic relationships, friendships

    For: Adults


    A car mechanic in a small, working-class town comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar…

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  • À cause des garçons

    Samuel Larochelle


    Langue : français

    Mots-clés : homosexualité, découverte, orientation sexuelle, romance, relation amoureuse, LGBTQ+

    Public cible

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  • A comme alliéEs – GRIS Québec

    Langue : français

    Mots-clés : personnes alliées, aide, ressources, inclusion, jeunes LGBTQ+, personnel enseignant, intervention jeunesse

    Description : Il s’agit d’un site interactif…

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  • A normal lost phone


    Language: English, French

    Keywords: gender identity, family, rejection, friendship, coming out

    Target audience: 12-17 years old

    Description: You find a phone. The goal is to find the person who owns the phone,…

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  • A Practical Guide to Welcoming Sexual and Gender Diversity in Colleges and Universites – Chaire de recherche sur l’homophobie


    Language : English

    Keywords : School, acceptance, openness, teachers, inclusiveness

    Description : Based on an american case study and on several testimonies from…

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  • A quick and easy guide to they/them pronouns

    by Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson


    Language: English

    Keywords : trans, non-binary, neutral pronouns, allies

    For: all

    Description : Archie, a genderqueer artist, is tired of people who do not understand neutral pronouns….

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  • Alex Strangelove

    Directed by Craig Johnson


    Keywords: sexual orientation, coming out, romantic relationships

    For: Teens

    Trigger warnings: explicit sexuality, homophobia


    Alex, high school class president, nerd and a straight-A student, has been dating Claire a…

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