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  • Glee


    English language

    Keywords: Adolescence, high school, gay, bisexual, music, bullying.

    Description: This American series is about a group of young people who are part of their high school’s glee club. Thanks…

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  • Her story


    Keywords: trans queer people, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation


    Description: Her Story is a six-episode Youtube series about trans and queer women’s love lives, and their questoning concerning their…

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  • La théorie du Y


    Langue : Français

    Mots-clés : lesbienne, gai, queer, bisexualité, orientation sexuelle, amour

    Description : Cette série belge…

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  • The Fosters


    English language

    Keywords: lesbian, homosexuality, homosexuality, friendship, family, racialized people, trans people.

    Description: Dramatic US television series featuring a women’s couple : Stef, policewoman, and Lena, assistant director in a school. …

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