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  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Directed by John Cameron Mitchell


    Keywords: Gender identité, transition, sexual orientation, romantic relationships, music

    For: Adults

    Trigger warnings: nudity, explicit sexualité


    A gender-queer punk-rock singer from East Berlin tours the U.S. with her…

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  • Henry Gamble’s birthday party


    Language : English

    Keywords : sexual orientation, gay, homosexuality, friendship, family, religion

    Description : Preacher’s kid Henry Gamble is turning 17 today….

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  • I am Divine

    Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz


    Keywords : Homosexuality, cross-dressing, media representations

    For: adults and teens

    Trigger warnings: explicit sexuality, homophobia, transphobia, injection, drug use

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  • I am not my gender. transgender people


    Language: English (translated into French)

    Keywords: transgender, transexual, surgery, hormonal treatments, coming out, name change

    Description: This documentary addresses trans realities : we meet several trans people who will tell us…

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  • Kiki

    Directed by Sara Jordenö


    Keywords: Gender Identity, sexual orientation, LGBTQ+ community of New York, Voguing, Kiki balls

    For: adults and teens


    A group of LGBTQ youths of color unite to…

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  • Let it snow

    by Luke Snellin, Kay Cannon, Victoria Strouse et Laura Solon


    Language: English

    Keywords : friendship, romance, holidays

    For : teenagers and young adults

    Description : Based on the novel of the same name…

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  • Love, Simon

    Directed by Greg Berlanti


    Keywords: Sexual orientation, coming out

    For: Teens

    Trigger warnings: homophobia, outing


    Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates:…

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  • Milk

    Directed by Gus Van Sant


    Keywords: LGBT rights history in the United States 

    For: adults and teens

    Trigger warnings: nudity, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, homophobia, suicide, parasuicidal (ex. self-harm, mention…

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