Transgender 101- with Stef Santaji



Keywords: Transgender, microagressions, trans-clinical practices, hormonal treatments, surgery, transition

Target audience: any age

Description: This is a video made by a therapist while doing an interview with a transgendered woman about the process she went through. She elaborates on some of the comments and questions she has heard about her that were not intended to offend her but show just how much misunderstanding there is about trans people.

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Review :

This is a useful video for transgender people as well as cisgender people. It’s about the different stages of transition and their specificities and difficulties, and the experience of Stef Sanjati (youtuber). The latter also clarifies why some comments / questions that could be said to a transgender person would be inappropriate and explains how to adjust their behavior with a trans person in order to better show their openness to these people.


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