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Keywords: Adolescence, high school, gay, bisexual, music, bullying.

Description: This American series is about a group of young people who are part of their high school’s glee club. Thanks to this club, they learn to help and support each other despite their differences. Several people are going to come out, and we can see the difficulties they face, but also the good that comes from it.

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Review :

This series is very interesting and touching, it shows people who are different and who live their high school years in differents manners. A lot of different subjects are covered : bullying, teen pregnancy, family relationships, religion, etc. There are many gay or bisexual people and it’s interesting to see that despite the judgment and the pressure they can feel, they manage to create a safe, solidary space inside their glee club.

This incredible heartwarming series promotes self-acceptance and the positive influence of diversity. Just for that, you should try it sometime!


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