The Fosters


English language

Keywords: lesbian, homosexuality, homosexuality, friendship, family, racialized people, trans people.

Description: Dramatic US television series featuring a women’s couple : Stef, policewoman, and Lena, assistant director in a school.  They are mothers of three: Brandon, Stef’s biological son from a previous marriage, and adopted twins , Mariana and Jesus. Their family balance is shaken up when they welcome a teenager with a dark past and her little brother Jude in their home.

Available on Netflix Canada


Review :

This series is very touching because of the love and dedication that the two women bring to their children. It’s also a realistic portrayal of the daily life of a homoparental couple. Important social themes are also covered : the experience of children from the system, the expression of gender and the realities of trans and racialized people.



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