Interligne and Chantiers Jeunesse are there to help you realize your dream project

Interligne’s GISA program and Chantiers Jeunesse’s Leadership in your own hands have something very important in common : we both offer support for young leaders that wish to make a difference in their community by carrying fresh and innovative projects. Chantiers Jeunesse’s new program is there to help you develop leadership skills to enable you to carry out your very own project, and then let you handle it entirely by yourself when you are ready. So if you are between ages 18 and 30 and you want to help your community with your ideas and support, this resource is for you !

How does it work?
Chantiers Jeunesse offers you a personalized monitoring and a financial help for a project that you would want to carry out for your community. It can be one of those two things :

  • An event (art exhibition, open mic night, sports and games)
  • A service offered on a regular basis (art workshops, counseling or support, food or clothing collecting )

Thanks to Leadership in your own hands, you can develop project management skills and give back to your community !
If this is a resource that you are interested in, we invite you to get to this page to know more !

If your projects involves or benefits people from the LGBTQ+ communities, Interligne can also support you and offer you training sessions and conferences adapted to your needs. We can also direct you towards other resources. So don’t hesitate to contact us at 514 688 8766 or by email at for any question or information !

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